Information Technology (IT) is the most promising sector with high growth opportunities. IT engineers are involved in designing, implementation, management and deployment activities of both hardware and software products. The IT sector is growing with the double speed in the recent times. Hence, job opportunities are relatively more in this industry. The world’s best companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many more look forward to hire – the brightest brains of India. Moreover, they are also paid bountifully. Any person with IT degree has numerous job opportunities. The person can be appointed as Software Developer, Hardware Engineer, System Analyst, System Designer, Networking Engineer, Database Administrator (DBA), Web Developer, Networking Specialist, E-Commerce Specialist, Programmer, Technician or Lecturer/Professor. The average salary of IT degree holder (from other engineering colleges apart from IITs) range between INR 4, 00,000 and INR 5, 00,000 per annum. The salary differs depending upon the company, location, experience and degree. It also depends on the hiring company, MNCs usually offer lucrative pay package.

Azad also offers two year post graduate programme in IT Infrastructure & Management.

 We believe that students passing out from Azad are at par with international levels. They have been regularly employed by all major software organizations in India. Some of the multinational companies that have hired from Azad are Microsoft, Intel Corp., Oracle and IBM. There is a large scope of employment and entrepreneurship in activities initiated by the State Governments as well in the areas like e-governance, e-health management and e-education besides the management of administrative data.



The department has been offering B.Tech degree course in Informatrion Technology.And
The B.Tech. program is of four Year duration. The lateral program is of three years.
An IT degree holder can work in Computer Software & Hardware Implementation department, Web Designing, Telecommunication Industry, Multimedia and Database Management.


IT(Infrastructure Management)
The department has been offering M.Tech. degree course in Distributed Systems with an intake of 30 seats as well as in Information Technology & Infrastructure Management with an intake of 18 seats since 2010.

The M. Tech. program is of four semester duration. First and second semesters are entirely coursework oriented. Third and fourth semester involves research and thesis work. A sound theoretical and practical work prepares the students in wider field of Computer Engineering to take up challenging jobs.