Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical and Production Engineering are basic and evergreen branches of engineering. While they have been at the forefront in solving problems of humanity they are also looked upon as creators of the problems related to environmental degradation and earth warming etc., leading to challenges and complexities in their roles. Mechanical Engineering deals with the development of machines, energy systems, manufacturing and production processes through the disciplines of mechanics and design, thermodynamics and fluid flow and materials and production processes etc.. Of late it has been re- energized through the development of robots, flexible manufacturing systems, space systems, alternative energy systems,micromechanical devices and bio-inspired systems, etc. New developments have often used the paradigms of Computer Aided Design, which also brings in new forms of integration and internationalization. Large numbers of postgraduate programmes are available inside and outside the country. Some popular specializations are CAD of Mechanical Systems, Dynamics of Systems, Thermal Systems, Solar Energy systems, Non-conventional Energy Resources, Manufacturing Systems etc. Mechanical engineers are welcome to great variety of jobs in energy, environment, automotive, manufacturing and services sectors. Jobs in engineering continue to be more secure and well paid as compared to other professions.