Azad Lucknow Polytechnic


The objective of the Azad Lucknow Polytechnic College is to provide need-based quality Technical Education to young students with a view to enhance their job opportunities.

The present number of Technical Institutions established in the State of Uttar Pradesh is not enough to cater the requirement of technical people in the various functional areas of the corporate world especially at the when MNCs have encompassed almost entire State.

Objectives of the Institution

Offering institution in Engineering at a level comparable to the very best in the world.
Providing best faculties for undergraduate students. Read More


Diploma in Computer Sc. & Engineering.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (production).
Diploma in Civil Engineering.
Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
Diploma in Agricultural Engineering.

Feedback facility available for Students and Faculty


Making of competent engineers to serve the National is the basic Academic Philosophy of the institution. The proposed engineering programmes are Under Graduate courses. The target date fro starting this programme is 1st July 2017 with the expected intake of 60 students in six coursed and total intake being 300.

The central computing faculty, central library and all the other mandatory infrastructural requirement as per norms will be made available.

The institute will be run as an affiliated body Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh.

1)Basic Academic Philosophy of the Institution

Removal of Economic Backwardness through Technology. With this mission, the  Trust deed was registered on uplift the vast weaker section of Indian polity comprising Rural India by admitting 70% students every year from rural areas.

2)Types of Programs

In the starting, the institute is going to provide technical education through Diploma Courses.

3)Target Date for Start of Academic Programs-2017-18

4)Central Computing facility

The institute has a computer center of area 141 square. meter. with 50 HP - Personal Computers along with 35 Mbps (1:1) internet connectivity. The center has a server room with 2 Servers. All the networking is certified by the USA based company AVAYA up to 2030. It also consists of printing & scanning facilities. All required legal system & application software are available. Existing computing facility is satisfactory for the proposed variation in intake and additional new course.

5)Central Library

  • Total Area of the library:18800 sqft
  • Seating capacity of the library:300
  • Reprographic facility: Yes
  • Working hours of the library:12 Hours (8 AM to 8 PM)
  • Annual library budget(% of annual student fee collected) Rs.25.00 Lakh
6)Central Workshop

The Central Workshop has facilities for Practical training in the following shops:

  • Machine shop
  • Fitting shop
  • Electric shop
  • Carpentry shop
  • Pattern making shop
  • Foundry shop
  • Blacksmith shop
  • Welding shop
  • Sheet metal and Plumbing shop

7)Central Instrumentation Facility

Instrumentation Facility with the focus on an individual branch is available in different Departments with a central facility at Computer Centre available for computer & peripheral repair and maintenance. Central Instrumentation facility of the institute includes Over head projectors, LCD, Audi-Video System, CDs and CBTs, teaching aids etc. Existing facility is satisfactory for the proposed variation in intake and additional new course.

8)Affiliating Body

This Institution shall be affiliated with Board of Technical Institution, Uttar Pradesh & AICTE.


  • The institute as its best practices offers a merit-cum-means scholarship to the students. The recipient is required to pay as per his/her marks obtained at the qualifying examination at the entry level. Financial assistant is also made available to the students of Minority students of the state.

  • Financial assistance is made available to the student from the backward class community (SC, ST, OBC) and economically backward classes and fee reimbursement is made as per the rule of State Government. The recipient is exempted from the payment of tuition fee (50% or 100%).