Relentless globalization and network-based operations, continuous introduction of new technologies have transformed Management activities in a big way in the last two decades. Understanding of finance, accounts and economics are not enough. Today management is more about strategies, logistics, branding, building partnerships, delivering services and experiences and virtualization of operations etc.


  BBA : Bachelor of Business Administration

  MBA : Master of Business Administration
  Dual Specialisation in :
   1. Finance   
   2. Marketing
   3. Human Resource (HR)                     
   4. Information Technology (IT)
   5.International Business (IB)


Bachelors level programmes of management are quite popular, perhaps with the perception that it gives a better background to get into MBA after acquiring some experience.

Programme at Azad runs with affiliation from Lucknow University. In the open and vigorous atmosphere of Technical Campus students get opportunities of meeting a variety of students which helps them in professional development. Many of them are able to secure jobs while still in the campus.


This is two years full-time flagship programme of Azad Tech. Campus started ten years ago. It has reached a level of maturity and quality that has led to its accreditation from NBA (National Board of Accreditation).The programme is approved by AICTE and runs under affiliation from UPTU, Lucknow.

The programme offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Development, International Business and Information Technology. The classroom teaching is supplemented by internships during the summer months.

The teaching strategies employed include classroom lectures, case discussions, term paper and seminar presentations besides computer based interactive learning and gaming and simulation based visualization etc. To supplement the abstract knowledge with practical inputs, visits to various organization and industrial units are also arranged.